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Attention portrait & wedding photographers who are tired and frustrated with unnatural, awkward & stiff posing.  Read this now...
Imagine if...
  • ​you had a simple and easy to remember posing flow in your sessions that gave you and your clients a wide variety of natural poses and expressions .
  • ​your clients felt comfortable and relaxed (not nervous and stiff), because you are able to give them specific direction and guide them into poses that feel natural and authentic and actually reflect who they truly are.
  • ​you had all of the guesswork to good posing removed, so you can focus on capturing genuine moments between your couples 
How different would your photography be if you didn't have to worry and stress over posing anymore?
Good news - I am here to help conquer your posing problem & your results will be instantaneous and won't require a $500 price-tag or 6 weeks of time that you don't have to spare.
Introducing: The Posing Couples Field Guide for
Portrait & Wedding Photographers

An inspiration-filled posing guide to carry with you to consistently give you natural and authentic photos that you & your couples will love!
Has This Ever Happened to You?
You're on a photo shoot and off to a good start and getting some decent photos but it's time for a new pose...something different.  After all, you can't keep shooting the exact same pose for the whole shoot, but you freeze up.

Literally, your mind goes blank and all "ideas" you once had for the remaining poses are gone and you're stuck...

You start freaking out inside because you don't want your clients to see you flustered, but of course you know you need to do something...

So you instruct them to head "over there and just look natural" - which we all know pretty much NEVER works as intended.

Your clients aren't sure what to do and you aren't sure how to instruct them.

And just like that, you feel defeated.

The posing rut strikes again!  

Your clients are left with stiff & awkward posing that isn't anything like what they hoped would be captured, and you're left with another ho-hum photo shoot with lackluster images.
What you (and your clients) really wanted were photos like these.
Here’s the thing, it’s not just you. I’ve been there too… 
If you’re like me, I know you’re tired of fumbling in the dark for posing inspiration that actually works and I can only imagine how frustrated you are from doing your best to get couples into natural poses, but just keep coming up short. 

This is a serious problem that needs your attention - luckily, the help you need is actually far easier (and more affordable) than you'd think.

Meet Your Posing Consultant & Guide!
 With over 250 wedding, engagement & portrait sessions I have worked with a tremendous variety of clients.

...and I can tell you that the "success" of the session and how HAPPY the clients were, depending MOSTLY on how well the posing went...

Good posing makes clients FEEL good about themselves and feel connected to each other.

Bad posing feels stiff & awkward and the photos look it too.

I realized that the success of my sessions relied heavily on my ability to pose my clients in a way that felt natural and true to them .

The truth is, consistent great posing doesn't happen by chance.  And in fact, I struggled with natural posing for a long time because unless you have someone there to help you, you just don't know what to do different.

Sadly, I wasted the first couple of years snapping photos of my clients that I thought was artistic and creative and cool - but the poses were nothing short of awful.  You can see some of those photos below - it's painful to look at now!

Thankfully, I finally figured out some tricks to natural posing that made my clients look and feel amazing which turned into more word of mouth and rave reviews.  I am not sharing these secrets with you!  

I developed a posing flow with several tried and true, go-to core poses that are easy to remember and implement with any couple .

Lucky for you, this posing field guide will walk you through it & make great posing easier than ever before.

Here's What My Photos Used to Look Like With Bad Posing
(And Bad Editing)
The most noticeable problems with these photos from a posing standpoint is the stiff and unnatural feel to them, but what is even worse is the lack of connection and closeness of these couples.  This was not their fault, this was 100% my fault as the photographer.  We are NOT working with professional models - it's extremely important to be able to give great direction and posing instruction to your couples, they need it!
Here's What My Photos Look Like Now After Learning Posing
(We Get Photos Like These On Every Session!)
On these photos you can feel the love and happiness they have for each other.  You can see the closeness.  They look as if they we're captured in a natural candid moment... and they were, but only after our assistance and giving them distinct instructions and direction.  Trust me, they WANT your instructions because they have no idea what to do otherwise!
What Other's Are Saying:
"I absolutely LOVE the posing guide! This is going to help me immensely in both portrait sessions and especially for weddings when shooting time is limited. This guide will help me to be able to get multiple poses out of 1 position and have them all look different! I really love how you included tips to help make the poses look natural and get real genuine expressions from the couples. I always like to browse Pinterest or other places to get some different posing ideas before a shoot but with this guide it will be super easy to just glance at it if I'm feeling stumped. I would recommend this to every wedding photographer, mainly to make their lives easier and help them to capture more poses in the limited time. But also anyone who does engagement or couples portrait photography. This guide is awesome!"

-  Nikki Kellerbauer
"The posing field guide is great and will be a huge help when out in the field shooting. If you get stuck, it's a simple, short, and sweet reference tool for sure. I love that it has pictures and a pretty self-explanatory title to every pose. So, even if not looking at the pictures, you can tell what to do. It’s going to be a life saver for me"

-  Michelle Wilcox
"Wow. I am blown away. This is so much better than what I expected. I am so use to seeing the little cartoon type figures on posing guides that are so bunched up I can't read them. The presentation of this alone is pure "art". I have struggled with posing, especially after listening to a friend who trained with a company that takes school pictures. I like more natural poses that do not look stiff. After seeing this guide, I feel so confident that I am on the right track. Honestly, just the feeling I get from looking at the photos in this guide makes me feel more relaxed and confident about my next couple shoot. Natural is better in my opinion. I would recommend to any photographer who does any type of couple shooting (engagement, wedding, prom). It is easy to pull up and view on my phone, so love the convenience."

-  Ann Gibson
"I have struggled with posing for a really long time, and I’m so grateful for the guide that Cole created. It’s exactly what I needed, and I know that I’ll use it for every shoot and it’ll make me a much better photographer."

-  JD Higgins
Posing Couples Inspiration Gallery
Once you get my 11 core poses for couples, you can instantly use them on your photo shoots!

Your clients will love their photos more and they will rave about you and spread the word to other prospective clients.

Well posed photos that also elicit natural expressions is the difference between your clients receiving their photos and you never hearing from them (and unsure if they liked ANY or not) and them posting the entire gallery online and sharing with all of their friends or purchasing prints to hang on their wall!

You'll notice in the photos below that everyone looks happy and comfortable and there are zero stiff or awkward poses, the photos are authentic and real captures of "them".  

The best part, everyone is actually happy and having fun on the session!

You'll get all of these poses and more inside the Posing Couples Field Guide so you too can take photos just like these!
Here's Exactly What You Will Get!
This Posing Couples Field Guide was designed to help portrait & wedding photographers avoid years of frustration with using the same unflattering or stiff poses that don't showcase your couples true personalities or connection. 

The Posing Couples Field Guide 

Simple & convenient instructions with examples so you can start capturing more authentic and genuine expressions and natural looking poses...

  • The Posing Field Guide for Wedding & Portrait Photographers is a tool that will take the guesswork out of posing for you
  •  In this guide, you will receive not only 11 core poses that I use on every session, but multiple inspiration photos for each pose for you to see what the poses look like in action! 
  •  These poses come with a detailed explanation of what makes each pose successful, as well as tips for what to avoid. 
  •  The Posing Field Guide includes a broad collection of poses that will not only give you variety in your gallery, but will suit any couple or setting you find yourself in 
  •  This resource was designed to be portable, allowing you to save it to your phone or mobile device for quick review just before or during a session. Never be stuck for a pose again! 
Everyday you aren't improving your posing is a day you are falling far more behind.
Before today it wasn't your fault because you didn't have a simple posing resource to guide you - but now you do...
The Price for Posing
One way or another, if you take photos of people, you need to become amazing at posing.

You can try and figure it out on your own, but that can take years of working with clients to have enough repetition to finally get good at posing. And the cost of that "trial and error" approach can prevent you from getting bookings pretty fast, so it would be quite foolish to go that route...

Or you can hire a mentor or take a posing "course" online but that will cost you between $500-$2,000 which is simply priced out of reach for most photographers...

Or you can get started today with the Posing Couples Field Guide for a one-time $19.99 investment.

(and it's the ONLY posing education you can carry with you in your pocket)

It really is the tiniest investment in your photography education you can make that will still yield you dramatic results.

Remember, you aren't investing in a 12 page PDF guide... you are investing in the RESULTS you will get after implementing what is covered in that guide!  That's the true value!

...and with our money back guarantee, you have literally nothing to lose!
Ready for Natural & Effortless Posing?
Yes, I am in!
- Start making your clients feel comfortable in front of the camera right away and get 100% relaxed and natural photos
- Add variety and diversity to your portfolio and your client galleries by having a large pool of poses to choose from, with several variations for each one
- Blow your clients out of the water with your confidence and ability to make them feel comfortable and natural
- Consistently shoot photos with poses that are authentic and never forced, stiff or awkward
- Develop your own personal posing flow to make your sessions seamless, using our methods and examples as a guide
- Start showcasing the connection and love between your clients and give them photos they will adore and brag about to all their friends
- Never feel stuck for posing ideas again!


No, I don't need help...
- Continue to shoot sessions with uneasy clients and stale poses
- Lack variety in your portfolio and keep using the same 2 or 3 poses over and over
- A disorganized approach to posing, leaving you relying on memory and ending up stuck for a good pose in the middle your sessions
- Inconsistent results that mostly leave you with awkward and stiff photos instead of the connection you were hoping for
- Continued frustration as you struggle to find confidence and understanding of how to get natural poses for your clients
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is The Posing Couples Field Guide for?
This posing guide is for anyone looking to improve their posing when working with couples!  Flat, stiff and awkward posing is the fastest way to NOT have happy clients and this guide gives you the inspiration and instruction for effective and natural posing your clients and (your portfolio) will love.
What if I am not a professional photographer?
Even if you’re not a professional, this posing guide is a great resource for any  photographer! The methods described in this guide are the exact same methods I use both with clients and for personal photos.
Can I purchase now, even if I’m not near a computer?
Yes! You can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet. You will be sent an email with your download link, and you can save the files to your computer any time.
Do I need special software to view the posing guide?
The files are in PDF format, making it easy for you to download and view with Adobe Reader or Acrobat on virtually any device or computer. You can even print it out!
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at [email protected] for a full refund!
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