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For aspiring photographers that are tired of feeling "not good enough" & want to be respected as a great photographer from family, friends & other photographers! 
Introducing: The Photography Fast-Track Course!

An easy to follow photography course that makes learning your camera & core shooting techniques simple, painless, and uncomplicated so you can capture amazing photos that your family & friends will admire, value, & cherish!

(Because, let's face it, your camera isn't going to take stunning photos all on its own.)
With our unique "Fast-Track teaching method," you too will consistently take amazing photos that you'll be proud to show off & bring joy back to your photography in as little as 15 minutes a day, guaranteed!
Don't Take Our Word For It... Listen to Real Student Reviews Below!
Whether your dream is to one day earn extra income or just capture timeless memories for friends and family - if you're not satisfied with your photos
......this course is for you.
3 Myths Why You can't take better photos  (debunked)
"I Don't Have Enough Time to Really Learn Photography"
This course was made for busy people.  All you need is 15 minutes a day over a few weeks and you'll be able to get the dramatic results you have wanted but kept putting off for "sometime later".  Even those with the busiest schedules can find 15 minutes of time for something important to them.
"I Can Figure It Out On My Own Online for Free"
When you are getting started, you simply don't know what you "don't know" & thus end up wasting time watching dead end tutorials that are too technical & make no sense to you. The result is increased frustration, stress and overwhelm without ever truly understanding your camera & how to take great photos. With our "Fast Track teaching method," our course cuts out the technical jargon, cuts out the "wild goose chase"  trying to find quality tutorials, & gives you the blueprint you need to master your camera & take the photos you've always envisioned.
A Good Camera Will Take Good Photos On Its Own.
Wrong! A nice camera isn't any better than taking photos from your phone unless you learn how to use the camera.  Your camera CAN take amazing photos and it WILL once you understand what settings to use, and when.  With our Photography Fast Track course you'll finally know how to take back control over your camera & get the results you want.
They didn't think they were good enough... we proved them wrong.
All you have to do is give yourself a chance...
Here's the results our students get using our Fast Track Method
Ready for your transformation & to become a respected photographer?
It's NOT that you aren't capable of learning how to take great photos, you just haven't had a good teacher or the right method yet.

How great would YOU feel if it just "clicked" for you, too?

Don't take it from me, take it from them!
Friends, here's the problem...
  • ​Most up-and-coming photographers don’t know basic camera settings or techniques required to consistently produce good photos which leads to frustration, overwhelm and strips away the fun and joy of photography before they ever have a chance to get started.
  • ​It’s incredibly discouraging when your camera takes bad photos. Sometimes they are too bright, sometimes they’re too dark - and often you don’t know why.  
  • Learning on your own takes years, and a LOT of failures & frustration leading people to give up. 
  • ​Too many photographers dream of being able to earn some income on the side, doing what they love - but none of that is ever possible (or sustainable) without having a complete grasp & understanding of the fundamentals.
  • ​Sadly, most online instruction is full of technical jargon that's difficult to understand and even harder to apply to YOUR work.
We aren't making this up, it's what you told us
I get it... trying to learn photography shouldn't make you feel like this...
"You might end of up like me & 6 months later starting a business & having people pay me to take their pictures!"
- Debbie Dee 
does this sound familiar?
"I always shoot on auto because I am afraid of anything else"
"I would like to be able to take photos that capture the essence of what I am seeing but don't know how"
"I want to be respected as a  great photographer from my family & friends"
"My kids are growing up too fast & I need to do a better job capturing their personalities & memories"
"I'll never be good enough"
"Photography isn't even FUN anymore since I never get good results"
If THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, You are in the RIGHT place.
I Hear You. I'm here to help & change everything for you!
Great news! Your opportunity to finally conquer your self-limiting beliefs & reach your wildest dreams is here.  
Not knowing the basics nearly ruined my dream of being a photographer & STOLE the actual joy & FuN of taking photos.
Have you ever found yourself...
  • Unmotivated because "winging it" on auto-mode just isn't working - giving you really inconsistent photos
  • Wishing you could pursue a dream and make extra income at the same time
  • Turning down professional and personal gigs because you're worried you'll let people down
  • Comparing yourself with other photographers who seem so much farther along, and it seems like you’ll never be able to shoot like them
  • Unsure what to do when you're stuck on a shoot in bad lighting
  • ​Wishing you could capture memories for your family that they will be proud of
  • ​Wondering whether photography is even worth pursuing - even though it has been one of your real passions
  • Afraid to ask for help because you just aren't "getting it" - and you don't want to ask "stupid questions"
Learning photography wasn’t easy for me...
When I first started in photography, I’ll be honest…I felt unstoppable. I knew I had a "creative eye" for it and I was so confident that I went out and bought a brand-new digital camera. I was so excited that I brought it everywhere with me (and probably annoyed lots of people)

But soon that camera represented a source of personal failure and frustration. 

No matter what I did, I was simply not getting the results I expected to be getting --- and my confidence was so low that I nearly quit.

I shot in auto-mode then … mostly because I didn’t understand the technical language or complicated instruction on basic camera settings or for shooting on manual. Basically, on every shoot I was crossing my fingers and praying for a few good ones. 

I felt utterly STUCK and didn’t know where to even start to fix the problem because I made the mistake of trying to learn on my own.

I'm here to tell you ... That day is over! 
Here's my photos when I was trying to learn. 👎
Here's my photos once I get off auto mode! 👍
Hi, I'm Kimberlee & I'm Ready to Help You. 🙂
  • ​With over ten years of experience as a professional portrait photographer, & over 1,000 clients, I know just how important it is to have a working knowledge of your camera settings & core shooting techniques. 
  • ​There is nothing more rewarding to me than transforming photography enthusiasts go from struggle and ready to quit to amazing, well respected photographers that get to use their camera to bring more joy to their lives and others.
  • ​I created the Fast-Track Photography Course to help up-and-coming photographers like you realize their dreams with a simple step-by-step guide so they can thrive (& avoid costly mistakes that many photographers make).
  • ​Photographers that have used this are more relaxed, prepared, and ready to take on the world one photo at a time.
Here's Why They Joined
Here's the results they got

"But nothing really worked, until I heard Kimberlee explain it."

"Kimberlee makes photography so easy to understand. I took a photography class in high school, and tried reading books about photography for years to try to learn on my own. But nothing really worked, until I heard Kimberlee explain it. I finally understood how to shoot in manual mode, and oh my goodness my photos have never been the same since. She made me believe in myself and know that I could take beautiful photos myself." - Deena Cormier
7 Reasons Why YOU Need the Fast-Track Photo Course! 
  • Easy: Includes 8 simple video learning modules that will make learning essential photography techniques SIMPLE.  
  • Quick & Straightforward: You will learn exactly what you need to know about photography to get consistently amazing results (without the useless and overly-technical jargon).
  • ​"Techie" Translated: Difficult & confusing concepts such as exposure, ISO, aperture, and shutter-speed are broken down into simple explanations that anyone could understand. 
  • Learn at Your Own Pace: Let's face it. Sometimes there just isn't a lot of time in the day (you mom's especially know what I mean!). This guide provides step-by-step lessons that you can access in your free time at any time of the day.   
  • Real World Lessons: You get the hard-lessons learned on the job that you'll never hear in another photography classroom! 
  • Consistently Amazing Photos: ...that you will feel proud to show off to your friends, family, and potential clients.
Are you ready for it to finally "Click" & make sense?

"I had no idea how to work it, other than shooting on Auto."

"I always loved taking pictures. I was that nerdy girl that always carried my point and shoot in my purse wherever I went. I bought a DSLR the year my daughter was born, but I had no idea how to work it, other than shooting on Auto. Kimberlee taught me all of the basics, like what ISO and Shutter Speed meant (and I had never even heard those words before). I learned in a very short time how to COMFORTABLY shoot in AV and then in manual. I will never forget the things Kimberlee showed me, on how to become a photographer. I was even able to take this hobby and turn it into a side business to help support my family. I HIGHLY recommend using Kimberlee for anyone wanting to know how to use their camera." - Becky Pesce
A small taste of what you will get
 Get REAL WORLD lessons that I learned in the field (that most photographers would never think of...)  
 The ability to shoot in any setting with confidence and know exactly what to do in any situation so you don't miss anything!  
 My secrets on how to finally take tack-sharp photos – every time  
Module 1: Getting Started
Lesson 1 is a quick lesson that will lay the foundation for our whole course. Think of this as our course syllabus, that is going to give you an overview before we get started. In this lesson, I’m going to start by sharing a little about who I am, and about my approach to teaching so that you know what to expect from me in this course. I’ll also tell you what you need to get started, and what my expectations are for you as you’re going through this course.
Module 2: Equipment & Modes
In this lesson, we’ll start by going through some of the basics of your DSLR camera. I’m then going to talk about the equipment, lenses, & accessories that I use on a regular basis, and share some recommendations for you. Next, we’ll walk through all of the auto shooting modes that are on your camera’s dial, and finally, we’ll talk about the camera menu and some important settings on there that you need to know about. After you’ve completed lesson 2, you will get to know your camera a little better, and find out more about your lenses, you will also learn exactly what all of the different auto shooting modes mean on your camera. And lastly, you will learn how to make FIVE important adjustments to your camera menu to get started.
Module 3: Exposure Basics
In Lesson 3, I will start by sharing exactly what exposure is. Next we’ll take a look inside our cameras, to see how things work together on the inside. You will learn all about the three main elements of exposure: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. I will break these down into simple language, using plenty of visual examples to help you finally grasp these huge concepts. You will leave this lesson with a basic understanding of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. These three things are SO important, so that’s really where the focus will be on this lesson.
Module 4: How to Find Perfect Light
In lesson 4, we’ll start by going over some of the different types of light in photography, and then I’ll share with you how I approach shooting, and how I look for the best light. Next you’ll learn the importance of finding flattering light for your subject, and I’ll teach you exactly how to do this with something called the circle test. Lastly, we’ll see an example of how small changes can create big results in your photography. 
Module 5: No More Auto!
 In this lesson, I will share what the 4 main creative shooting modes are, and what each one does. Next we’ll talk about WHY I want you to learn how to shoot in aperture priority mode right now. Then i will walk you through my simple shooting steps, teaching you exactly HOW to shoot in aperture priority mode. While I’m demonstrating this, I’ll also talk about how to make adjustments while in this mode. And finally, you’ll learn about what the ultimate goal is, after you’ve mastered aperture priority mode.
Module 6: Composition & Focus
  In lesson 6, we’re going to start by talking about composition - and more specifically, I’m going to share my top ten composition rules with you. Next we’re going to dive into focusing, where we’ll discuss manual vs auto focus, and I’ll mention briefly the different autofocus modes. Then we’ll talk about focus points, and finally, you’ll learn more about HOW to focus, with some different options such as shutter-button & back-button focusing, as well as where to focus on your subjects, and some other really practical tips.
Module 7: Shooting Indoors
   Lesson 7 is all about shooting, and putting everything together that we’ve learned so far! I will be walking you through a few different scenarios in the ‘real world’ - showing you how I approach shooting indoors and what settings I adjust and change while in aperture priority mode shooting inside.
Module 8: Shooting Outdoors
    Lesson 8 continues our application of the ‘foundational lessons’ - and you will watch me as I work in different lighting situations outdoors: full sun, shade, and backlit!  
You Are Here for A reason
You've already spent hundreds (or thousands) on a fancy camera to take great photos...

But odds are you're on the verge of giving up on this passion of yours. 

It's time to learn how to use that great camera you have that is going to waste collecting dust in your closet.

Dream of the day where you can earn some income - doing what you actually love?

Or just a hobby that once was fun & your struggle to "figure it out" & improve has stripped away the fun and missed moments and memories. 

It's OK to get help.
It's SMART to get help.

We're here for you & know you have what it takes.

It's OK to accept that trying to figure it out on your own with random YouTube and Google tutorials hasn't done much good & has only added to your frustrations.

It's not the camera's fault.
It's not that you have the wrong lens.
Once you take control of your camera, you can take amazing photos with any gear!

You are only failing if you never really try.
What good is it to invest in a nice camera if you never invest in yourself & learn how to use it?
And, if you order today, I'm throwing in these 100% FREE bonuses...
  • ​ Comprehensive Course Workbook with notes, quizzes, and practice exercises that you can take with you anywhere you go. 
  • ​ Full reference gallery of photos that were discussed during our video (along with notes and camera settings) that you can bookmark and reference later.
  • ​ 6-week access to an online community of photographers just like you to encourage and help each other reach your potential
  •   Weekly Q&A sessions with Kimberlee or Cole in our Facebook community. 
  •   Extra Photo Assignments with Kimberlee -- bonus videos that will help you put what you've learned into practice for immediate results!
  • ​ Connection - encouragement - and accountability to get the results you’ve always wanted.
Enrollment is Closing - Are You Joining Us?
We're standing by ready to guide you to the finish line's a lot closer than you think with the right guide.
Option 1: Take this course and you'll...
  • ​ Never be left crossing your fingers and hoping that your photos turn out right
  • ​ Gain confidence in mastering photography in-camera (with minimal editing required)
  • " Wow" your family, and friends with photos that you're proud to show off
  • ​ Be a hero by capturing precious moments in time that your clients will always cherish
  • ​ You'll always know what settings to use in every situation. Period.
  • ​ Take a major step forward in realizing your potential as a photographer and an artist
Option 2: Continue to Try to Do it Alone
  • ​Stay stuck on auto-mode and you'll have to live with mediocre and inconsistent photos
  • ​ Continue to be led astray from conflicting, difficult and wrong information on YouTube, Google and Pinterest.
  • ​You’ll have to learn how to take photos on your own (and may never get it right).
  • ​No amount of presets or editing in Photoshop or Lightroom will make a big enough difference if you’re photos are bad in-camera. 
  • ​Low self-confidence that may ruin your love for one of your great passions in life
Just Added - $270 in Bonuses Included FREE
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Fast Track Bonuses Gone Forever Soon!
Here's all the bonuses you get!
  •  Mastering Manual Mode - Bonus Lesson 9 in Course ($100)  - This 30+ minute bonus lesson in the Photography Fast Track is the final piece of the puzzle to tie everything all together for you so you can confidently & intuitively know exactly what settings you need to change, and when to change them to get the exact photo capture that you envisioned in your head!
  •  Photo Inspiration Visual Packet with Camera Settings ($50)  - Ever see amazing photos that the pros take and wonder, what the heck were the camera settings to get that result?  That's why we put this 35 page booklet together for you so you can start to visually see the difference in the final photos when Kimberlee uses different settings.  The photos are neatly organized into sections based on the lighting / scene type so you can have a better understanding of when to use which settings!
  •  Lightroom Quickstart Guide ($20)  - There's a reason why Lightroom is the photo editing tool of choice - it's amazing and much easier to use than Photoshop.  However, it can be VERY overwhelming when you are first trying to learn and our Lightroom Quickstart Guide cuts out the frustration and overwhelm for you and is your road-map for getting started with Lightroom!
  •  Polished & Crave Lightroom Presets Pack ($50) - Using presets in Lightroom is the simplest way to take your photos from "good" to "great" and be finished pieces of work that you are proud of and get the attention they deserve.  Presets make editing EASY by taking a collection of settings and adjustments and packaging them into 1 single click of the mouse.  The result?  Better photos for you, in less time and less stress.
  •  Photography Passion to Profit Quickstart Guide ($50) - Wouldn't it be nice to one day have the chance to earn "some" income with your photography - doing something you love?  The problem is - how do you get started.  Our Photography Passion to Profit Quickstart Guide gives you a road-map to follow so you don't have to figure it out on your own, you can follow the lead of Kimberlee, a 10 year professional photographer.
How much Does a quality photography education cost?
4 hours of 1 on 1 Mentoring with Kimberlee = $1200
Other Professionally Produced Photo Courses Cost = $500
We believe that high quality photography training should be attainable.
So instead of spending $1200 for 4 Hours of Kimberlee's Coaching
you can get started today for only $279!
...and get lifetime access to the course + 6 weeks of mentoring with Kimberlee!
Lifetime access. AFFORDABle PricING. Flexible Enrollment Options
Our 30 day Results Guarantee!
Our Photography Fast Track course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  We've done all the hard work already and have zero doubts that if you take this course and actually apply what you are learning - you will, without a doubt see major improvements within your photography!
If you do all of the work, take notes and take photos applying what you're learning and are unhappy with the course we will give you your money back.  Just email us back within 30 days, along with your notes or workbook filled out to show us you gave the course a fair chance and you feel you aren't any better of a photographer and we will give you 100% of your money back!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who should be taking this course? Is this course for me?
If you are an up-and-coming photographer that needs help with camera settings and basic shooting techniques, then YES!!! This course is designed for photographers of ALL levels. 
Do I need to own a DSLR?
While much of this course will cover universal photography principles and techniques applicable to all cameras, the bulk of the course content will be most beneficial if you own a DSLR camera. 
What if I’ve never taken a photography course?
This course designed to help photographers of all levels of expertise, whether you're just "getting your feet wet" or if you've been taking photos but need some help to "get you over the hump."
How long is this course?
The course itself is a bit over 4 hours in length and to ensure nobody is overwhelmed or getting left behind, new lessons will be released week by week over a 6 week total duration.  You will have lifetime access to all course contents!
I’m already shooting in manual mode; is this for me? 
If you've already mastered "manual mode," then you do not need this course!
Get the Photography Fast-Track Course Today!
Total Value = $500 - Buy Now for Only $99!
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