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For photographers looking to wow potential clients with a lasting first impression that sets you above your competition...
Introducing: The Newborn Inquiry Welcome Guide!  
A turn-key guide with all the design & wording done, that is ready for you to customize and start sending to your potential clients today!
Finally, a simple tool to book more clients who are connected with you, understand the value of your work, and are educated and prepared, knowing exactly what to expect for their newborn session!
With this Welcome Guide You Will:
  •  Stand out above the competition and know that you are putting your best face forward; to have confidence that every potential client will see exactly why you would be the best photographer for their newborn session. 
  •  Show off your work and your images in a beautiful way that reflects your vision and style as a photographer - and that you are 100% proud of. 
  •  Get more booked clients! Turning all of those inquiries & leads into actual clients who follow-through and want to book with you immediately after reading your welcome guide - all because of the extensive information and the way that you’ve presented yourself.
Within ONE Hour She Bought The Guide & Booked TWO Clients!
(you can too!)
Her Story & Why a Welcome Guide
7 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Client Welcome Guide!
  •  Stunning First Impression: Wow your potential clients with a beautiful and stunning presentation of your business and work.
  •  Client Connection: Potential clients will feel connected to you before they ever meet you. 
  •  Educated & Prepared Clients: No more questions or awkward moments where clients feel caught off-guard. Instead, they know exactly what to expect from you and your session experience. 
  •  Perceived Value: Your clients will value you - knowing they are investing in an experience and lasting memories that will only increase in value as the years pass.  
  •  Beautiful Design: Present your images in a clean, appealing layout.  
  •  Professional Writing: Hate to write? It’s all taken care of! All the wording is included for you to educate and inform your newborn clients. 
Friends, here's the problem...
  •  Potential clients have a lot of questions about the newborn session experience, and what to expect. 
  • Clients need to know why they should book YOU as their photographer - why you stand out above the other photographer choices.  
  • When pricing information is sent on its own, it feels cold and more like a business transaction; there is no personal connection to the investment your clients are making. It becomes about a ‘number’ rather than the feelings associated with beautiful imagery and the value you provide capturing memories for a family.  
  •  Without a Welcome Guide, you will end up wasting time with dozens of back & forth emails to answer multiple questions your potential clients will have. 
Not booking clients really wore me down & messed with my head.
Have you ever found yourself...
  • Discouraged with the time wasted in emailing the same responses over and over again to potential clients. 
  • Wishing you could spend more time doing more of what you love. 
  • You know that you could book so many more clients, if only they were able to see and fully understand that what you are providing is more than just ‘pretty pictures’ in a 2-hour photo session. You just don’t know how to make them see the value in what you give. 
  • Frustrated with trying to get your wording just right, to explain how your newborn sessions work and answer all your clients questions. 
  • Tired of potential clients focusing just on pricing and haggling over numbers rather than the whole experience.  
  •  Disheartened by the time you put into answering questions with a potential client, when they end up not booking with you.  
  •  Feeling unsure of what type of information to give to your potential clients, and just how many details to include without overwhelming them.
  •  Wishing you could seem more professional but not knowing how to present your pricing and information beyond a boring email response.  
  •  Overwhelmed by the daunting task of trying to put together your own extensive welcome guide - knowing it will take hours and ending at a standstill, not knowing where to start. 
If you’re like me, you know just how valuable your newborn experience is - and you want to be able to communicate that to your clients in a way that you are proud of.
I know you’re frustrated with all the time it takes to try to ‘woo’ a potential client to book with you - all the back-and-forth emails that seem to suck the life out of your business.

I used to feel so stuck because I knew that I wanted to create an impactful first impression, but just didn’t know where to start.

I understand completely that you may be feeling overwhelmed with just how much information you need to provide to your newborn clients - I’ve been there too!
Hi, I'm Kimberlee & I'm Ready to Help You.
  • With ten years of experience as a professional portrait photographer, I know just how important it is to wow my potential clients and leave no question in their minds that they want to hire me. 
  •  I have learned that when I educate my clients the right way, they appreciate my work, value the services I offer, and understand that the investment they are making is an investment in their family’s legacy.  
  •  I created a Newborn Welcome Guide for my potential clients to help set myself apart and quit "competing on price".  
  •  I saw a HUGE difference after I started sending Welcome Guides to my clients. When I started giving them the right information prior to their newborn sessions, my clients were much more relaxed, prepared, and ready for the experience. 

"These newborn templates are everything I have been looking for! My clients are parents preparing for a once in a lifetime newborn session, and I want to be sure that all of their questions are answered. This newborn guide has all of the questions answered, and then some. I love how you've created a tool for me as the photographer to explain, step-by-step, how the newborn session will go. And of course the design is so pretty too, so many pages to share my work and give good examples of what my clients will get out of each session. I am so excited to have this info all in one space to share with my potential clients. Thank you!" -Deena Cormier Photography
Here's Your Game-Plan
  • You will receive a complete "done-for-you" packet of information for pre-booking, for your potential clients to set yourself apart from the FIRST time they contact you.
  •  The Newborn Welcome Guide will provide ALL of the information your newborn clients need to know before their session - from questions like ‘What to Expect’ & ‘How to Book’
  •  Rather than sending information through multiple emails, you can send it all in one beautiful, complete PDF that will ‘wow’ your clients.   

  •  Take all of the guesswork out of writing; this will give you all of the necessary wording you need to give your newborn clients - with just a few minor tweaks and changes, you will have your guides ready to go in a matter of minutes. 
  •  You'll have a comprehensive, turn-key document that will save you time and give you all the information you need to inform and educate your clients. 
Here's Exactly What You Will Get!
  •  NEWBORN WELCOME GUIDE INCLUDES: Welcome Page, About the Photographer, Why Book a Newborn Session, What to Expect, About your Style, When to Book, Location, Props, Pricing Page, A La Carte Pricing, Maternity Info, Testimonial Page, How to Book, Thank You Page.
  •  The Newborn Welcome Guide - your "done-for-you" document that you just have to add your photos. We've already done all the hard work for you (after 10 years of shooting portraits we have the RIGHT words to say already in there for you!) 
  •  Fully-editable PSD file - ready for you to adjust in Photoshop.  
  •  Professionally-written paragraphs so that you have very minimal work to do; thorough, in-depth writing - to save you time. Make a few small changes to customize, and it is completely ready-to-go within minutes.  
  •  Clean, modern design that is completely customizable.  
  •  Easy to edit - simply edit the text if you’d like to make changes, add your business name or logo, and swap the images out with your own work. In just a few minutes, you will have everything you need to wow your clients with the first impression you’ve always wanted to portray.  
  •  Video tutorial - exactly how to edit and customize these guides in Photoshop.  
  •  Also includes an optional magazine cover template, in case you would like to print actual hard copies of the guides to give to clients or leave with collaborators (baby clothing boutiques, hospital labor waiting rooms, etc). 
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use this even if I am not a newborn photographer?
Yes you can! Just note you'll have to change some of the text sections to be applicable to your photography services as these are specifically written for newborn photographers.
What software do I need to customize these templates?
You need Photoshop (any version) to add your own photos and adjust any text to the guides.
Can I purchase them now even if I am not near a computer?
Yes, you can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet since you'll be sent the download link to your email and can edit them in Photoshop whenever you want.
I am not tech savvy, will I be able to use these?
As long as you have Photoshop you will be able to easily follow along with our simple video installation guide that walks you through exactly HOW to make customizations to your guide.
What if I don't have Photoshop?
You can purchase the guides and hire someone on a site like fiverr to make the adjustments for you for as little as $5-$10
What files do I get?
All of the files will be in .psd format which are Photoshop files that way you can always edit them as you want to customize and add new photos as you improve your portfolio or change your pricing or terms.
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at info@colesclassroom.com for a full refund!
Want My Guide?
You're Making a Smart Move!
Option 1: Get the Guide and...
  • Start delivering the first impression you’ve always wanted to. 
  • Make your potential clients HAVE to have you as their newborn photographer. 
  • Book more clients who value your work and feel a true connection with you. 
  • Start saving more time, freeing you up to focus on the things you love. 
  • Know that you are presenting yourself in the best way possible - a way that you are 100% proud of. 
Option 2: Continue to Try to Do it Alone
  • Continue to present your business and pricing in an uninteresting email response.
  •  Lack the incredible first impression that will ‘wow’ potential clients and make them want to hire you immediately. 
  •  Continuing disappointments when potential clients don’t book with you, because they don’t see or understand the full value of what you provide.   
  •  A time-sucking approach to answering your clients questions, with hours wasted on going back-and-forth with emails. 
  •  Continued frustration as you struggle to inform your clients about the newborn photo experience. 
  •  Unhappy clients who didn’t love their experience - simply because they were uninformed and had different expectations for you. 
Get the Newborn Welcome Guide Today!
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