Tired of Feeling Like There are a Million Other Photographers All Fighting Over the Same Clients?
(That's Because There Are) 
If You Want to Succeed in the Photography Market Today, You Need to Differentiate Yourself & Really Put Your Best Foot Forward.
I Have Your Ticket to the Fastest Way to Increase Your Client Bookings & Value
(Without the $10,000 Price Tag!)
Introducing the "Photographer Marketing Makeover & Branding Kits" created to enhance your value, client bookings & confidence at price that would be too crazy to pass-up.
Wouldn't It Be Nice If You:
  • Could book more clients?
  • Charge more for your photography? 
  • Attract & work with higher quality clients who actually give a darn about your work?
  • Constantly improve & update your portfolio with new photos that you’re proud to show off to the world?
  • Walk into any prospective client meeting with 100% confidence in yourself, your work and your worth?
It all starts with showcasing yourself as a trusted, professional photographer...
That's usually a super expensive & long tedious process - but not anymore!
Why Our Makeover Marketing & Branding Kits?
  • You’ll instantly look more professional.
  • Instant boost in perceived value to new prospective clients
  • Increase your confidence and self-worth with your photography
  • Set yourself apart from the competition in your area
  • Have a $3000 marketing & branding makeover for a fraction of the price.
Give Your Marketing & Brand a Makeover in Only 3 Steps!
  • Step 1: Download zip file to computer & choose which theme/style to use (you get all 4).
  • Step 2: Open the template psd file inside of Photoshop & replace the template text & images with your text & images!
  • Step 3: Save the files to your computer and showcase online or print your business cards & client thank you cards at your favorite print shop!
Not a Photoshop Pro?  Don't Worry, Our Install & Tutorial Guide Will Walk You Through Everything With Ease!
The Design Gallery - Get All 4 Themes in 1 Kit! 
4 Different Professionally Styled Themes
(You Get ALL Styled Themes!)
Each Theme Includes the Following Templates.
8 Page Client Welcome Guide 
Business Card
Pricing Page
Client Thank You Cards
Facebook Ad Template
Note – all templates are editable PSD files for Photoshop. 
"The Pretty Theme"
"The Minimalist Theme"
"The Modern Theme"
"The Elegant Theme"
Plus These FREE Bonuses ($377 value!)
Bonus #1 - 8 Styled Logos: Now that you have your fancy new branding and marketing kit you need a good looking logo to go with it!  Included in this bonus are 8 styled logo options you can choose from and modify however you'd like.  ($199 value)
Bonus #2 - Facebook Header Template: Being on top of your branding and marketing means you really want to look good everywhere potential clients see you and these Facebook header templates, already designed in the same style as our marketing kits will have you looking like a million bucks on your Facebook page!  ($99 value)
Bonus #3 - 7 Secrets to Making Your Brand Standout eBook: Being a an amazing brand is certainly more than just pretty logos and a nice website and Julie is a branding specialist ready to help you become an absolute success story.  This eBook is the perfect compliment to round out your rad new photography brand makeover!  ($79 value)
About Your Designer - Julie Story
I am a cupcake loving, glitter enthusiast who changes people's lives by creating brands that book ideal clients over and over again. 

I am an international branding specialist who has worked with hundreds of photographers and creatives building brands that increase their sales and book them clients. I transform every part of a brand into a machine that books more jobs, better jobs and increases sales.

I don't just build brands. I change lives through branding. I solve problems, innovate and help people make more money. I take a look at how the currant brand is not working and create a brand that emotionally connects to the right people, every time.
Fast Action Weekend Launch Bonuses - Yours FREE Today!
Bonus #1 - My top secret "Crave Lightroom Presets" that isn't available in my storefront at all. This exclusive preset collection is the perfect compliment to the Prestige presets. While they aren't available for the sale, this collection is a $60 value.
Bonus #2 - My Ultimate Lightroom Shortcuts Video Suite featuring 35 of my very best Lightroom time saving tips & tricks in 1 neatly organized video collection. The best part is these videos are super bite sized so you can quickly watch on demand when you want to discover a new trick and refer back to them whenever you want! This is a $40 value.
Total value of the bonuses - $100, yours FREE when you buy today.
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I can't figure out how to update my info in the templates?
All the templates are editable Photoshop files & we give you detailed install videos and guides to walk you through it. 
Do I need a special software to use these templates?
Yes - you need to have Adobe Photoshop.
How long will it take me to update the templates?
Regardless of if you use our marketing templates, hire a custom designer or even don’t use any templates, all of the time consuming parts of this process aren’t updating the templates, it’s creating the content – but that’s content you’d already need or have in place at your business anyway!
How many themes/styles do I get?
You get ALL 4 themes!  So you don't have to make the tough choice right now :)  Enjoy the extra creative versatility at NO extra cost!
Is there a discount if I only want 1 theme?
Great question, unfortunately not because this is the exact same price that we were going to launch the kits at for just ONE theme but we wanted to sweeten the deal so literally just decided to add in the extra 3 for no added cost.
Will these templates even help my business?
If you want people to book you to take their photos, it’s an absolute must that you look professional and “worth” their investment, otherwise they will book elsewhere. Everyone wants to choose a photographer who regardless of the price is “worth” it and you will be stacked up against other photographers in your area. If you want to be consistently chosen as the winning photographer – this is the simplest way to dramatically improve your perceived value.
Why are they so expensive?
These are actually pennies compared to how much it is to hire a branding company or designer in which branding packages run from $3,000 to $10,000!  
At $197 these are an absolute bargain and one of the smallest investments you can make to your photography business that will yield you the greatest returns.  Heck, even if our marketing makeover kits only brought in 1 extra client booking per month, wouldn't that be worth it?  I think so....
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30  Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% Risk Free.
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