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 Cole's Classroom Pro is the most loyal, dedicated, and focused photography community and program that you’ll find anywhere.

1,291 photographers just like you are writing their story as we sit here...what will your story be?

Learning Photography On Your Own = A Recipe For Failure
Here's Why
Information Overload
There is no shortage of information available today on the web and on Youtube. the problem is knowing which articles to read & which to ignore.  Sadly, it's far too easy to read 4 different tutorials on a subject & get 4 different answers.

A simple google search of "how to edit photos in Lightroom" will bring you 2,270,000 results - can we say: "information overload"?

Join today & get instant access to our course library featuring highly curated & professionally produced video courses from leading professional photographers across a variety of topics. 
You're On Your Own
Being alone stinks.  It's common belief that we simply work harder & progess quicker when we aren't alone. 
Learning in groups is far more powerful, motivating & enjoyable than being stuck learning all on your own.

In Cole's Classroom you'll have your own photography social network! Let your personality shine through with your profile & cover photo & join on-topic forums to chat with others taking the same courses as you!
Hard to Get Answers
It's only natural - you will have questions.  The problem though is the old way of learning online often leaves you having to spend precious time researching your own questions rather than having a place to turn to get answers.

Cole's Classroom Pro members get access to our very own top secret Facebook group, so you can get answers to your very own questions quickly!  
Not Centralized
We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but sadly, most of us have wildly busy day to day schedules and lack much "free time".

While there is plenty of free content online, it's extremely difficult to actually master any particular topic as you have to seek out multiple lessons from different sources to get a more thorough understanding.

That not only takes away precious time but also isn't cohesive and complete.

Join now & take comprehensive courses that you're most interested in, taught in the "easy-to-follow" manner that we all enjoy.  

Here's What You'll Get Instantly When You Join

Instant Access to over 50 full-length photography courses

Grab Your Backstage Pass where we take you along with us on our real photo sessions so you can watch us work behind the scenes AND learn how and why we do what we do

A tight-knit community of fellow photographers who are committed to helping one another, and who call Cole’s Classroom Pro “the best place for photographers on the internet”

Access to 200+ quick and easy to implement training videos by our photography mentors

Group coaching in our private Facebook group from our entire team of Mentors, who are successful professional photographers themselves

Hey there... Cole here...

I created Cole's Classroom Pro 6 years ago because nothing like this existed...

Once upon a time, I made a life-changing decision to quit my 9-5 job and pursue photography so that I could support my family and live a more meaningful life. 

I won't lie. It was hard. Really hard. Not to mention lonely and frustrating, all while I was trying to figure it all out on my own. Even more disappointing to me was that it seemed like nobody had any interest in helping in any way. 

I dedicated my life to changing all of that for photographers. 

Because with CC Pro, we not only give you the tools to succeed, you're also supporting other photographers just like you on their journey. 

Because this is more than photography...this is family. 

"Let me show you who we are and why fate may have brought you here..."

Meet Our Pro Photography Mentors

(...And Your Future Family) 

Inside Your Membership: Watch Below For A Brief Preview

Take us for a spin, what do you have to lose?

Why they chose Cole's Classroom Pro

  • We are a positive, encouraging community who is committed to providing a safe place to grow, whether you have just picked up a camera or you’re a professional photographer earning income with your business.
  • The Cole’s Classroom Pro Mentor Team is made up of real photographers running real business while juggling their real (and busy!) lives - Just like you. We aren’t afraid to be authentic, honest and raw about our successes OR our failures.
  • The community that comes from being part of a positive learning environment where our members are contributors and not just spectators.
  • At Cole’s Classroom Pro, we believe that everyone is capable of being a successful photographer. We believe that there are many paths to success, and pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is welcome.
  • Cole’s Classroom Pro takes you beyond just learning about photography to actually transforming your photography into real, achievable dreams. Anyone can teach you how to use your camera, but we provide the community and personal coaching needed to build confidence and ultimately, success.
And Our Members Get Big Results...
(there's no need for you to struggle anymore on your own!)
Join The Community Today & Become a Photo Pro
(there is NOTHING else like this online)
"I feel I have an "eye" for photography and my photos are kept classy (I try to capture the best of people. Even if they come in wrinkled, raggedy clothes, the photos do not show that). People here love me (due to volunteer work) and say they love my photos, but I know my photos are not great. Some I look at and feel sick (grainy, blurry, focus is off). I want to be the best photographer in the area and make a living doing it. I did the free trial, and I learned so, so much. It gave me hope. If I do not stay, I will fail. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Cole's Classroom Pro is a great place to learn due to the positive environment and quick responses. My confidence gets boosted instead of beat down. Well worth the $ every month."
- Ann Gibson
You'll have myself and my team of professional photographers as your very own mentor team giving you continued feedback, coaching & support.
...Plus, You'll Get Instant Access to All 12 of These Courses
Professionally Produced & Easy to Follow Video Courses 
Polish up on your photo 101 basics with Cole as he breaks down the fundamentals into simple piece by piece lessons for all to master
Master the core of Lightroom - organization, efficiency & editing techniques.  After this course you'll be editing faster than ever before!
Over 4 hours of step-by-step instruction & simple lessons walking you through key concepts & techniques inside of Photoshop
Head behind the scenes with lighting superstars Zach & Jody Gray & discover how to light like a pro and make all your images look amazing - regardless of the location you're at!
Ready to pursue your love of newborn photography but a little intimidated & unsure where to start?  Over 5 hours of video training including a behind the scenes photo shoot!
The #1 reason photography businesses fail is a lack of sales. Having a good marketing plan is 100% vital.  You won't want to miss this class!
Lightroom has all kinds of hidden secrets & shortcuts, do you know them all?  Cole will walk you through his favorite tricks & techniques.
The best photography businesses are run by the best business owners, not necessarily the best photographers. Cole will break down the business concepts that you need to know - your photography depends on it!
Explore & understand what is truly capable inside of Lightroom with the slideshow, map, book & print modules - you'll be in for a treat!
Love landscape photos but never seem to produce the photo you have envisioned in your head? With this course you'll discover the key techniques that all pro landscape photographers utilize to produce stunning photos each and every shoot!
Rock your reception lighting with confidence! Equip yourself to know how to use your speedlite . Boost your confidence in any low-lit situation. Share the systematic process and steps that Zach & Jody used for over 8 years to capture beautifully lit images in difficult lighting scenarios
Take your creative photography to the next level! This video teaching series, brings you on the creative portraiture shoot for Andy Davis. You will learn how to light, shoot, and edit for creative portraiture.

Have Fun & Win Epic Prizes Each Month!

Join Today and Also Get Instant Access to Backstage Pass

Wouldn't it be nice if you could shadow a professional portrait photographer on a real photo shoot?
Now, you can!
With Each Backstage Pass Episode You Will Discover:
  • ​What prompts they give their clients to get perfect natural poses
  •  What camera settings they use shot by shot 
  •  How they discover the most ideal lighting, even in difficult lighting scenarios 
  •  How they engage even the most reluctant participants 
  • How they edit the final client photos 
  •  And more 
Member Reviews & Results!
The Most Rewarding, Inspiring & Interactive Photography Society.
I made over $60,000 in income...
all alongside of our 9 to 5 day jobs.
We did 25 weddings that year & things were only looking up.

My wife & I were paid to travel to some of the most picturesque places in world to take photos in Cabo San Lucas, Lake Tahoe & Zion National Park to photograph weddings.

Heck, as we did more and more work, our demand was rising as well and on two separate occasions we had couples chose to move their wedding date (since we were already booked) to a date we had available…

Life was good, not only were we able to save a significant amount of money to put towards purchasing a house from our thriving photography business, our dream of ditching our 9 to 5 and turning our passion into a full time job was becoming more and more
real by the day.
Looking back I realized one thing...
What's funny is: everything I learned over those years I could have learned in a
few short months...

...if I just knew what to focus on and if I just had someone to bounce my work off of. 

What did I learn? 

Mistake #1: Simply spending more time in the field doesn’t necessarily lead to better results & often leads to working “harder” not “smarter” 

Mistake #2: I wasted 3 years of time trying to learn all on my own.
The best & quickest way to learn is to learn from someone better than you & quickly show you what you’re doing wrong or what you need to improve on.

Mistake #3: Had I invested into my own photography education earlier on I would have been able to be leaps ahead of my competition and booked many more
photo gigs earlier than later. 

And that's why I put together Cole's Clique

Are You Ready to Adopt Another Family?

Everyone is Waiting for You Inside...

Cole has a creative & thoughtful approach to photography.
He understands how to balance the technical aspects of photography & creativity.  Cole's photos are genuine & I love the natural elements of his photos.  The best part is his personality makes you feel like you're working with a friend!

- Nicole Bain
What Others Are Saying About Cole's Photography

Cole's preparation, knowledge of light/angles/depth, and ability to interpret his conditions make his photo's technically exceptional. However, relationships built with his subjects help capture drama, emotions, one's own intimate character that add life and a unique personal warmth in each shot. As if each picture was a fortunate snap rather than a planned sterile event that gives the magic.   

- Zack Martin

I would give 10 stars if I could! Cole is an artist with a camera. He painted the picture of our best day ever.  His attention to detail and careful consideration made each picture perfect. 

Literally less than 12 hours after our wedding we had two sneak preview shots to look at and share with friends and family. That turnaround time is unheard-of in the photography industry!! 

- Cat Hasz

Cole made our rainy wedding look absolutely flawless! 
We were fortunate enough to have met Cole at a couple of our close friends weddings over the past few years and we were so excited to book them for ours! In fact, we booked them the day after we got engaged.
Their talent radiates through their work and we are beyond lucky to have our wedding pictures to cherish forever!

- Rachel Teschler
Why I Am Doing This.
This project has been 12 months in the making, my motivation may surprise you.

Seven years ago when I decided to learn photography I had no one to turn to for help. I bought books & scoured online photo forums doing my best to dodge the prominent negativity & anger towards any "dumb" question. Self taught I learned through trial & error.  I didn't have a home-base to turn to for detailed advice or strategy when starting my photo business.  

I learned the hard way.  
The long way.
Not the smart way.

As the popularity of Cole's Classroom has grown exponentially, many would call it "success" and want to sit back & enjoy.  However, as Cole's Classroom has grown, I've lost the ability to give the same level of personalized help & answers to my readers that I once was able to do.  I enjoy the personal guidance & know you do too.

I want to give even more.

Cole's Clique has been created to be your home-base for answers, guidance, support & learning photography in a way that simply doesn't exist anywhere else on the web.  Trust me - I've looked.

This will be my new home where I can teach photography in a more personal, interactive & engaging way.  A way that I believe will get you to your destination the quickest with the least amount of road-blocks and frustration - and that's what I am here for.

Take a Tour Inside Cole's Clique
Photographers Talking About Cole's Classroom Pro!

In typical Cole's Classroom fashion, the content is easily navigable and is of extreme benefit to its members. Cole puts together an invaluable amount of content - all in one place, curated based on extensive personal experience. 

I love that the classes and lessons are broken down into small, manageable video clips - so even for the ultra-busy, many-hat-wearing photographers, like myself, it makes it easy to take a five minute break and learn something that will benefit and improve me as a photographer and entrepreneur. 

One of the biggest challenges I've run into in starting a photography business is that few photographers are willing to share any of the "lessons" they've learned on their journey. Not only does Cole's Classroom totally dispel that notion that you shouldn't give away your "secrets" to other photographers, but it actually encourages the opposite. 

I don't know about you, but I love being a part of a community that allows me to learn from and network with some of the top photographers around. Cole is always outdoing himself with the content he creates for his community of fellow photographers and Cole's Classroom is no exception. 

In no particular order, here are my top 4 reasons why Cole's Classroom Pro is the place to be if you want to grow yourself into the best photographer you can be:
* Lessons are broken down into small chunks - making learning extremely manageable, even for the super-busy photographer.
* Achievement Awards for completing different courses - because who doesn't love a gold star or an extra high five?
* Cole's Classroom pro website is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. All the info you'd ever want/need as a photographer, all in one place.
* Exclusive access to Cole and other top professionals on an encouraging and motivating platform. Unlike anything you'll find online"

- Krystyn Slack

As soon as Cole launched Cole's Classroom Pro I knew it was going to be something unique and useful to me.
Immediately when I logged in I knew that Cole's Classroom Pro was for me and within a few short hours of learning I was able to shoot and edit my photos with a lot more confidence and ease!
With my first shooting session with my girlfriends kids I had amazing results. So much in fact that I surprised myself!

- Max Turner

Now Let me first start by saying that I am a “Newbie” when it comes to photography, and I was initially worried that the sessions would be a bit over my head. I was really grateful for the way the site was set up, it was easy to navigate and to find the courses I was enrolled in. I was able to move through each module and feel like, “I get this!” Having each the classes separated by topic helped me focused on learning skills and then focus on the business aspects rather than being overwhelmed by it all at once. Cole’s Classroom was awesome for me because when I was stuck I could go to the group section and get help or advice from others in the course.

Having the other tutorials to learn from, the Lightroom Unleashed for example, helps me feel like I am not going to plateau in my learning. I had very little photo editing experience before enrolling but now I feel confident in both my Photoshop and Lightroom skills that I need to make my pictures look great.

This course was exactly what I needed, easy to follow, clear tutorials and not too much jargon that I got lost but all of the technical components to keep me on track and making progress. I feel confident that when I do my first shoot, that I will know what to expect and how to make my photos look awesome! Thanks Cole, loved this course.

- Azul Terronez
Your Very Own Photography Social Network.
How Much Does a Good Photography Education Cost?
The short costs a lot.

Traditional photography programs vary widely but most cost between $10,000 to $30,000 a year!

...ain't nobody got time for that!

Lucky for you, you can join Cole's Clique & learn from some of the most sought after professional photographers currently working in the field, while getting support & motivation from other like minded photographers, for the smallest of a fraction of the cost above.  

...and we'll have more fun too!
Availability is Limited. Only 73 Spots Left!
To ensure that I can give exceptional support & help to each Cole's Clique member, enrollment in this community is very limited.
Ready to Join Our Clique Today for Only $1?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Cole's Classroom Pro for me even if I don't have a photography business?
Cole's Classroom Pro is for anyone who is serious about improving their photography, not only those who have (or want) a photography business.

Cole's Classroom Pro takes learning photography to the next level from an engagement and interactive standpoint & combines it with a supportive & motivating community of like-minded photographers!
Can I cancel whenever?
Yes you can easily cancel whenever you want.
What will I learn in this course?
Cole's Classroom Pro isn't a single course or program.  It's a constantly growing catalog of professionally produced training courses, combined with an interactive & engaging new way to learn photography while being surrounded by a loyal and motivated community of other photographers.
What courses are offered?
Refer above to see what courses are already available & ready for you to take but know that I will continually be adding new courses from various topics on an ongoing basis.
Ready to Join Cole's Classroom Pro Today for $1?
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