Endless Elegance Presets Collection
Adding Unique & Timeless Charm to Your Photos with Ease!
Endless Elegance Presets Collection
Adding Unique & Timeless Charm to Your Photos with Ease!
Why The Endless Elegance Presets?
  • Faster Workflow – Our presets are easy to navigate and are designed for one click success. Cut your editing time from hours and days to minutes!
  • High End / Fine Art Look – These presets transform your photos from ordinary to a luxury fine art masterpiece that your clients will love.
  • Consistency – These presets will help give your work a consistent look and style to your portfolio.
  • Simpler – It doesn’t get any simpler than import, one click, adjust and done!
  • —Be Unique – Set yourself apart from the hundreds of photographers in your market! These presets were handcrafted after testing on hundreds of different images to come up with a unique & elegant look reminiscent of film.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed! With my 30 day money back guarantee the risk is all on me, if you aren't happy with the presets I'll make it right.
Watch the Presets in Action!
Photo Gallery
Here Are All The Presets You Get!
  • B&W - Film Fade
  • B&W - Film - More Fade
  • B&W - The Biz
  • B&W Fade - Blackberry
  • B&W Fade - Blueberry
  • B&W  Fade - Rust
  • B&W Sepia - Nixon
  • B&W Sepia - Woodrow
  • Classy N' Cool
  • Cojo
  • ColesCreation - Less Haze
  • ColesCreation - Rose
  • ColesCreation - Verde
  • ColesCreation 
  • Color Film - Cool
  • Color Film - Warm
  • Color Film Fade 1
  • Color Film Fade 2
  • Color Pop!
  • Cool as Ever
  • Crisp, Clean on Film more Fade
  • Crisp, Clean on Film
  • Add Light Grain
  • Add Heavy Grain
  • Light Vignette
  • Strong Vignette
Frequently Asked Questions
What software do I need to use these presets?
These presets import directly into Adobe Lightroom photo editing software - the absolute premier photo editing program used by photographers. If you do not have the program, the presets will not work - you can purchase Lightroom through Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography Package for only $9.99 a month which also comes with Photoshop. It's a "must-have" tool for all photographers!
When will I receive access to the presets?
As soon as you purchase you will receive an email with a link to download!
Can I keep it forever?
Yes! You'll have lifetime access!
Will these work with my version of Lightroom?
These presets work flawlessly with Lightroom 4 & Lightroom 5 & Lightroom 6 or CC
Do you have these for Photoshop?
No, these are only for Lightroom. If you don't have Lightroom you can give it a shot for a 30 day free trial through adobe's website and/or you can get both Lightroom and Photoshop for only $9.99 a month just google Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Package
I still have a question - who can I email?
No problem, you can email me at info@colesclassroom.com if you still have a question!
The Risk is All on Me!
With my money back guarantee the risk is all on me!

I am so confident that you will love using these presets I am offering a no-questions asked money back guarantee.
So what do you have to lose? 

My goal is to help you achieve better looking photos that take you less time to edit and I put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the quality of my presets & quite simply, I want you to love using my presets.

This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it because there is nothing cool about cheating.

Please note - These presets import into Adobe Lightroom software & will not work without that software. No refunds will be given if you don't have Lightroom.

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