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Finally, a simple lighting set-up & technique that will give you beautiful, natural light and jaw-dropping “power-shots” instantly (without spending thousands of dollars on new equipment) - guaranteed!
Introducing the “Dynamic Natural Light Set-Up Mini Course” 

The simple step-by-step DIY lighting set-up that makes disappointing photos with average natural light conditions and poor contrast a thing of the past. 

You'll go behind the scenes on an actual photo shoot and discover exactly how Marissa transforms ordinary, flat and boring natural light indoors to powerful, flattering and beautiful light like this that anyone can learn how to set-up.
The Dynamic Natural Light Set Up Mini Course is the “missing link” to giving you jaw dropping, powerful natural light photos. With some simple steps you will learn how to quickly put this together at home on a budget.

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Great lighting makes ALL the difference in grabbing clients attention. 

You don’t want to be average. 
You can't afford to be average these days. 

Learn these simple steps to take your image from this, to this.  
Hi, I’m Marissa & after photographing thousands of clients over the past 10 years, I want to share my lighting secrets with you so that you too can consistently produce gallery-worthy images and reach your photography goals.   

Many photographers can find natural light, but few know how to control it to give that powerful dynamic that stops people in their tracks. 

Average window light will make your photos flat, dull, and just plain boring.

Lucky for you, you now will get my exact lighting set-up that I use to consistently get jaw-dropping client images that continue to set my work apart from the hundreds of other portrait photographer around me. 

Here's Exactly What You Will Get
In this on location, behind-the-scenes mini course, you’ll get my secrets to getting dynamic, attention grabbing natural light every time so that you’ll get professional photos that will set you above other photographers
The Dynamic Natural Lighting Behind the Scenes + Complete Set-Up Video (Downloadable)
The Dynamic Natural Lighting Set-Up Quick Guide with Lighting Diagrams, Gear Used, How to Set-Up & More (PDF)
What You Will Find Inside!
  •  Posing & the right angles to achieve unique and classic looks (including the ‘chiseled face’ look)
  •  Tips on how to nail couples’ shots - A lighting set-up for a killer couple’s shot
  •  Lighting diagrams for easy reference
  •  The exact camera settings needed to achieve a variety of creative looks with this dynamic light
  •  Step-by-step DIY instructions on how to easily construct an ideal shooting environment (without breaking the bank)
  •  The secret to bringing out the magic catchlights in your clients’ eyes
  •  And more!
Actual Screenshots from the Video Lesson
Behind-the-Scenes to Get the Lighting, Posing, Settings & More!
Sample Pages from the Included Quick Guide PDF
How to Set-Up, Things to Keep in Mind, Materials Needed, Camera Settings & More!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this just a window light tutorial?
No this goes far beyond that, teaching you a set up to modify and add intensity to all natural light set-ups. An easy and affordable secret that took Marissa from the Boudoir Divas years to perfect.
Can I download the video lesson?
Does this teach me lighting techniques for outdoor photo shoots?
No, this is a detailed lesson for how to create stunning light with indoor photo sessions. 
What if I don't have a "studio"?
There is no need for one!  You'll see the entire set-up at Marissa's own home.
Is this for me even if I don't do boudoir photography?
Yes! This is for anyone who ever does any kind of indoor portraits.  It's perfect for anyone who has wondered about how to take great photos indoors, even without a full blown "professional studio". If you never take any portraits indoors and never ever intend to - this mini-course isn't for you.
How long is this mini-course and quick guide?
We believe in giving you exactly what you need without any unnecessary "fluff".  This mini-course includes one 14 min behind the scenes video lesson and a 13 page dynamic light quick guide PDF for your reference.  The magic is in the specific directions and guidance for you to easily utilize this lighting set-up that Marissa has perfected over the last 10 years as a professional portrait photographer!
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at [email protected] for a full refund!
Can I trust Cole's Classroom?
We Are 100% Committed to Offering the BEST Customer Support. Unlike other companies, our friendly customer support hero's aren't outsourced or automated bots. They are handpicked professional photographers themselves!  We are extremely proud of our 97% "Great" rating from every support email we've responded to with an average response time of 2 hrs & 20 min, 7 days a week!
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