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Are you struggling with photos that are flat, too dark, and just plain boring? 
Finally, there's a simple 3-step method for giving your images a punch of contrast with warmth and gorgeous earthy tones while saving you tons of time editing.
Introducing: The Dark & Moody Presets Collection 
25 beautiful presets that will be your "magic wand" for transforming your boring photos into natural and warm photos that will make heads turn. 
Bring New Life to Your Photos Instantly!
And also get ALL of this...
  •  CONFIDENCE WHEN EDITING: Stop deliberating and wondering what adjustments you should make in Lightroom! With the click of a button, you’ll be able to create a beautiful final product that you’re proud of.
  •  BEAUTIFUL ‘WOW’ IMAGES: Create natural-looking photos that your family, friends, and clients will absolutely love in just seconds.
  •  LIGHTNING-FAST WORKFLOW: If you’ve been overwhelmed with how long post-production takes, these presets are just what you need. They will help you be much more productive, in a shorter amount of time
  •  SIMPLE 3-STEP SYSTEM: With just 3 simple steps, you will be able to create exactly the types of images you’ve always dreamed of. 
  •  COHESIVE IMAGES: Using these presets will give a more consistent, natural-look to your images (unlike other presets that look fake and cartoony)
  •  MOST EASY TO USE EXPERIENCE: You don’t need to be a Lightroom Master to use these presets. We’ve made these so easy that a beginner or seasoned pro can use these.
  •  CUSTOMIZABLE EDITS: This isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ preset pack. We know that you are your own unique individual, and we’ve crafted a set of presets that will allow you to customize the final look, so that it reflects YOU and your vision. 
  •  ATTENTION GRABBING PHOTOS: Make your friends and family stop and say ‘wow’ when they see your images! It’s time to start producing images that you are finally proud to show off. 
  •  MORE FREE TIME: These presets will help you fly through your editing faster than ever before! Stop wasting your time editing all day and enjoy some time with your family, friends, or doing what you love! 
  • PEACE OF MIND: These are presets are proven and are the same exact editing presets that Kimberlee uses for her own photography clients!  
Get warm and natural-looking photo edits in seconds.
Presets don't have to look fake and cartoony. With this **BRAND NEW** presets collection you'll be able to edit entire sessions in less than 30 minutes and give your photos strong contrast and natural, earthy tones that other photographers kill themselves to achieve!
You'll Get 25 Total Premium Presets, including...
10 hand-crafted gorgeous presets that will give your ‘pop’ and contrast, and add subtle color tones in one click.
Exposure adjustments in case you’d like to bring a little more brightness to your images!
Customize your unique look to fit YOUR editing style and your personal taste!
Explore the Photo Gallery!
Presets inspired by and named after the beautiful Pacific Northwest and Oregon Coastline!
Ever Wonder What Your Photos COULD Look Like?...
Hi There! I'm Kimberlee! 
And I know EXACTLY how you feel if your photos aren't turning out the way you imagined they would...
Can you relate to any of this?
  • You struggle editing your photos to give them the look you want. Your images are too dark, too bland, and just plain boring
  •  You’re feeling disheartened because you see so many photographers posting ‘wow-factor’ images… but yours just seem so flat, without dimension and depth.
  •  You’re frustrated with how long it takes you to edit your sessions, and you hate being behind your computer for hours trying to get your photos to look right.
  •  You wish you could shoot produce gorgeous images with the right amount of color and contrast, but have no idea where to even begin.
  •  You want people (friends, family, clients, potential clients) to see your photos and think: “WOW, these are incredible!”
Listen - I know. But producing Breath-Taking Photos doesn't have to be so hard!
When you grab these presets you automatically sign up for our super-simple 3-Step Editing Process...
And you'll start transforming your photos just like the one below (100% guaranteed).
It's as Easy as 1-2-3...
  •  Step 1: Choose your "Stylized" Preset to help it POP!
  •  Step 2: Adjust Your Exposure (if needed)
  •  Step 3: Customize to fit your unique style!
That's it!
Customer Reviews
Hobbyist & Established Photographers Alike All Over The World Are Already Getting Amazing Results in Seconds, Check it Out!

"Literally in two clicks my photo went from 'needing some work' to 'DONE' using the exposure boost + Light and Airy preset. I don't care who you are, you need more time in your day as desperately as you need photos presentable to clients. Presets that work are the key to both. Thank you Cole, for once again knocking it out of the park with your Light and Airy Collection." - Hannah Grady

“As with all of Cole’s presets I’ve tried, the Light and Airy collection is AMAZING! All it takes is a couple of clicks and my photos are done! Just like that! I’ve saved so much time editing and they provide for me the exact style I have in my head while shooting. I believe anyone can benefit from this set, from hobbyists to pros, simply because it takes your photos to the next level.“ - Maura Morchant

"Had I had these a couple weeks ago when I was editing prom pictures and senior portraits I would have saved SO much time, it's ridiculous!  Love the one click boost in exposure and the fact the presets are stackable. Colecita and Light & Airy are so far neck and neck to be my favorite, Colecita for that little pop of color it offers and L&A for the ethereal look it gives. I'm still trying to decide... To my eye, rosey cheeks will give your photos a kind of vintage look. Use the add grain and matte effect and it's amazing! I can see myself using the matte effect to give my photos that feathery look that is sometimes desired. If you're a veteran photographer or still in the learning phase, as I am, I can't imagine not loving these presets." Pam Gereau

"I love the ease of a one or two touch edit. I know some need more since my in camera is not at where I think it should be, but even so, I was able to do simple edits and be happy. That makes life so much more manageable. I am confused a little by "light and airy presets" and the Coelcita and Enriched forrest being a little darker of an edit. I love those two b ut don't see the connection. I would recommend these presets to portrait and landscape photographers. Ithink some can be used for wedding but I'm not a wedding photographer so I do not know. I love the way they are in sets, or groups. Sometimes we have so many ways to edit and we are not sure where to start and how to follow through. The numbered sets, even if you do not use each one, gives you a guideline to follow." Maruso Setta

"This collection is by far my favorite collection put out by Coles Classroom! These presets allows me to get that high quality Light-Airy look without spending hours of editing time, allowing me to get my pictures back to my client faster. They allow you to get consistency throughout your album which is a huge plus, and they are very easy to use! I have tried these on previous wedding pictures, engagement pictures and baby pictures, and the feedback has been great from my clients. They all want to see and order more! I highly recommend this preset collection." Ryan Jake

"I am in love with Cole's new Light and Airy presets - his best collection yet! Just several clicks will give you a beautiful light look that is still clean and polished. I enjoy that there are easy to understand steps, and the presets are stackable to achieve the look you want. I also found they work well in a variety of lighting situations. Have fun with these presets - you won't be disappointed! Almost every photo I've used the presets on, I've also used add contrast and push shadows. I've used light and airy most with rosey cheeks behind that. Thanks so much!!!!" Dawn Rogers

"I found using Cole's Light and Airy presets saved me a ton of time with editing. I was able to add a slight exposure adjustment followed by the light and airy preset, and finish with red skin removal. By using Cole's presets I was able to avoid going through a multitude of sliders in light room saving me time. I also love how the presets are stackable. They compliment each other very well! I always use Cole's presets when editing my images. They speed up the entire editing process and I am quite satisfied with these presets!!" Greg Petersen
Hobbyist, "Newbie" & Part Time Photographers Are ALL Loving These Presets!
But the choice is ultimately yours...And you have two real options...
Option A: Continue to spend hours in Lightroom, only to be disappointed in your editing & images, & continue to lack the confidence to get the results you truly want. 


Option B: Simplify your life. Take your photos to the next level. Be proud to share your photos with the world.

Our Presets make it easier for you produce warm, strong, and natural-looking images that will get your photos the attention they deserve.
Frequently Asked Questions
I don't have Lightroom yet but plan to get it soon - can I buy now to not miss this deal and then upload later?
Yes!  You'll get a download link, just download to computer and then import whenever you get Lightroom.
Can I purchase them now even if I am not near a computer?
Yes, you can easily purchase from your smartphone or tablet since you'll be sent the download link to your email and can import to Lightroom whenever you want.
What version of Lightroom do I need?
Lightroom 4 and newer
How do I install these?
On the download page there is are installation instructions, installing them is easy as long as you follow the instructions :)
What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We completely stand behind the quality of our products and have a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you aren't happy for any reason, simply email us at info@colesclassroom.com for a full refund!
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